AHAO About Us

AHAO was created for the purpose of providing individuals with hearing loss a cost effective alternative approach to purchasing affordable digital hearing aids. Our brand of hearing aids comes from a highly reparable manufacturer, Siemens, who is the oldest and largest hearing aid company in the world. Our unique business model allows AHAO to sell name brand digital hearing aids at a fraction of the price when compared to traditional hearing aid dispensers. Without a need for a large expensive office, AHAO is able to keep our overhead costs down and that savings is passed along to our patients.

Quality of care

Meeting our patients needs is AHAO number 1 priority. AHAO works exhaustively to make sure all of our patients needs are meet by offering a wide range of affordable digital hearing and the services necessary to ensure our patients have the best communication experiences possible. Knowing that the cost of hearing aids plays a major role in determining if an individual pursues hearing aids, AHAO has been designed to provided patient with a wide range of service packages so our patients are not paying more than is necessary to regain near normal conversational experiences. Patients can expect to save on average $xxx.xx per hearing aid when purchasing from AHAO. Don’t believe us? AHAO encourages individuals to compare our prices to traditional private practices and other Internet sites. Please do not be fooled by others Internet sites selling less than quality non name brand hearing aids. We firmly believe in giving our patients options and we are committed to providing our patients the necessary information to make informed decision.

If AHAO can not fully meet all of your needs, we will recommend a local audiologist or hearing aid dispenser in your area. The significant savings on top quality digital hearing aids you receive from AHAO will offset any additional fee associated with seeing a local audiologist or hearing aid dispenser.